About THSG

Thung Hua Sinn Group is a trusted supplier of tight tolerance, high-quality labels, paperboard, and flexible packaging for consumer goods, serving leading local and international businesses. Our production is efficient, precise, and environmentally friendly. Working with a tight lead time, we run highly-automated and integrated production lines that feature one-stop services for Offset, Flexography, Gravure, and Digital Printing.

State-of-the-Art Machines and Facilities

  • Our facilities are 100 percent enclosed and GMP-controlled
  • To ensure that our machines are always the most up-to-date, we replace each of them every five years on average

Printing Standard

Our printing processes are controlled by internationally recognized standards

Versatility: Strategic Customization

  • Our services are individually customized for every customer's specific needs
  • We accommodate supply-chain management, Vendor Management Inventory (VMI), and just-in-time production

Risk Reduction

  • Duplicated production lines and facilities allow us to be highly flexible
  • Guaranteed business continuity in the event of an emergency

Economy of Scopes

  • Four types of printing: Offset, Flexography, Gravure, and Digital in one campus
  • One-stop destination offering a multitude of services to meet customer's needs for labels, flexible packaging, and paperboard packaging


In addition to 60 years of experience in printing and packaging with a team of highly-skilled staff, we pride ourselves on:

  • More than 200 clients, with over 20 clients on the Fortune Global 500 list
  • Award-winning printing and packaging
  • Internationally-recognized certifications for quality, GFSI food safety, social ethics, and environmental awareness including ISO 9001, BRC-IOP, and FSC™ CoC
  • Client Satisfaction


The distinction of Thung Hua Sinn Group is our dedication to client satisfaction. Our commitment to people, ethics and social obligations, efficiency, client satisfaction, and innovation differentiates us from our competitors. We look for the most skillful and versatile people to join our team in servicing our clients and community, while keeping a focus on developing and maintaining measurable statistics and KPIs.

When you choose to do business with Thung Hua Sinn Group, you are partnering with a company that cares. We continually strive to better support our community and to create a sustainable business model. With these goals in mind, companies in Thung Hua Sinn Group lead the way in implementing solutions to reduce the impact on the environment and on consumer's health.

International Standard Certification