Our Story

Our story begins in 1953 in four shophouses flanked by Tuk Tuk auto body shops on a compact street off Wongwian 22. The operation, then, was largely by hand, with people manually stapling lined sheets of paper into exercise books and fastening 365-page calendars with metal clasps. The company printed purchase order books and name cards and other stationery.

By the early 1970s, Thung Hua Sinn expanded our enterprise and started printing labels for canned goods, before venturing into other types of packaging. From the very beginning, we understood that packaging for modern consumption has to do more than contain and protect products like the shell of an egg. The modern packaging, unlike traditional containers like bamboos and lotus leaves, needs to communicate the essence of the products and differentiate brands to consumers. Beyond the visual appeal, it also needs to preserve the quality of the goods for extended periods of time, and, most importantly, be easy to use. We put extreme care into every process, whether it is to develop a thin 25-micron film, print with non-toluene ink, and seal a bag for use to wrap a frozen meal or a pair of underwear, or to print on carton, die-cut, laminate, and fold the cartons into tissue boxes or toy containers.

Today, Thung Hua Sinn Group produces labels, folding cartons, printed corrugated cartons, and all types of flexible packaging for FMCG, including food, garments, electronics, medical devices, and automotive parts.

THSG is certified with international accreditation for quality production and food safety such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GMP, HACCP, BRC/IOP, SEDEX and OHSAS 18001. We make sure that every production process adheres to the internationally recognized environmental guidelines, such as FSC™ CoC. We are also the only company in Thailand that is 100 percent toluene-free. We lead the industry in utilizing new technologies to reduce greenhouse gases and harmful waste.

Our Evolution


Thung Hua Sinn was established as a printing company in Chinatown, Bangkok. Our main products were stationery, schoolbooks, and calendars


Installed a gravure press for flexible packaging


Installed our first offset printing machine, introducing a transformative printing technology


Relocated from Chinatown to Sukhumvit 54, Bangkok


Installed our first multi-color offset printing press


Installed our first 4-color offset printing press


Moved to a 3,500 square meter facility, which housed an extensive printing service—Prepress, Press, Postpress—under one roof at Sukhumvit 54


Founded Thung Hua Sinn Printing Network (TPN)


TPN began production in a fully equipped folding carton packaging facility with comprehensive service, located in Wellgrow Industrial Estate in Chachoengsao


Founded TPN FlexPak Co., Ltd.


TPN FlexPak became the first in the region to use the flexo printing process in a fully equipped flexible packaging facility providing comprehensive service in Wellgrow Industrial Estate

Installed the first 1.3 meter 8-color wide web flexo printing machine in Thailand

Installed the first computer-to-plate (CTP) wide format plate making technology in Thailand, a 3-layer co-extrusion blown film line, a solventless lamination machine, and nine bag making machines


Installed the first 1.3 meter 10-color wide web flexo printing machine in Thailand


Founded TPN Medical Co., Ltd. specializing in medical packaging for the medical device manufacturers market


Founded TPN FoodPak Co., Ltd.


TPN FoodPak became the first only non-toluene gravure printer in Thailand located in Wellgrow Industrial Estate

Installed an 8-color gravure printing machine and a solvent-based lamination machine

Installed another wide format 3-layer co-extrusion blown film line for TPN FlexPak


Thung Hua Sinn Co., Ltd. relocated to a new facility in Wellgrow Industrial Estate, making one of our most significant upgrades to our production system by adding all new Heidelberg Speedmaster XL75 offset printing machine (the biggest purchase at one time, total 32 printing units and coating unit)

Installed a new 8-color flexo printing machine for TPN FlexPak


Founded TPN Packaging Co., Ltd.


TPN Packaging Co., Ltd. began production in a heavily automated and fully integrated packaging production facility using high-end offset printing and converting machines, located in Wellgrow Industrial Estate in Chachoengsao


Thung Hua Sinn purchased 37 units of the latest version of Heidelberg XL-75 to update our technological advantage


TPN Packaging added a new 6-color printing press and an automated inline Die-cutting, folding, and gluing machine


Founded TPN Food Packaging Co., Ltd.

TPN Food Packaging installed a state-of-the-art 10-color gravure printing machine, an extrusion lamination machine, two modern bag making machines, a box pouch making machine, and a solvent-based lamination machine

TPN FlexPak installed a new model 3-layer co-extrusion blown film line

Core Values of THUNG HUA SINN Group

  1. People – We build our organization from within
  2. Customer Focused – We strive to achieve customer satisfaction
  3. Leadership – We lead by example
  4. Efficiency – We value efficiency within our organization and in designing packaging solutions for our customers
  5. Innovation – We lead the industry in developing packaging solutions

Global Compliances

  1. ISO9001 – Quality Management System
  2. ISO14001 – Environmental Management System
  3. HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points for Food, Cosmetics and Drugs Processes
  4. GMP – Good Management Practices for Food, Cosmetics and Drugs
  5. BRC – British Retail Consortium for Food
  6. BS/TIS OHSAS 18001 – Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems
  7. G7 – Print Control Process Certification
  8. ISO12647-2 – Quality Management System for Printing Process

Environmental Responsibility


Thung Hua Sinn is the leader in packaging innovations. We have earned multiple awards for our efforts and investments in research and development for materials, product design, and print technology.


At Thung Hua Sinn Group, we aim to provide economies of scope solutions for our customers. We have fully-integrated Flexo, Gravure, Offset, and Digital Printing technologies for paper and plastic substrates within the THS Group to support all industries.